»Kinetic Typography« Workshop

Workshop leaders: Pantea Lachin and Farhad Fozouni. Kinetic typography deals with the influence of time on typography with the aim of adding expression and emotion.

5 Nov 2010

Visualizing the para-verbal and/or non-verbal components of communication within movement.
Transmission of emotional components through their transformation into static visual typography with the help of movement.

To study literal characteristics as designing parameters (like the function of dramaturgy, composition, didacticism and scenario).

Is it possible to use time-based text effectively to direct and catch the reader’s attention and, further, to influence the quality of readability?

Kinetic Typography - Workshop Output @ University of Science & Arts Hanover Screenshot © Margherita Facca Pantea Lachin

A workshop initiated, conceived and led by Pantea Lachin.

Supported by Goethe Institut and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.
In Collabaration with Farhad Fozouni.
A Cooperation with Vije School of Visual Communications.