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Respect our elders

Too often in modern times, elders of a community are not looked upon with admiration and love, but rather with impatience and disdain. Too many youth forget about the abundance of rich knowledge stored in their grandmothers and grandfathers. We forget that these older generations hold the keys to unlocking the mysteries of the past and the wisdom to build the future.

The mural ‘Respect your elders’ seeks to bring attention to the dangerous gap we have created between generations, and endeavors to instill the admiration and respect that our grandparents deserve. Arabesques and calligraphy refer to the artistic traditions from which we came as a culture, which would not have existed without our ancestors. Graffiti reflects the art of the youth; a new medium painting the patterns and arts of the past. ‘Respect Your Elders’ is a call to break the modern myth that being old means being frail and useless and instead that being old means being a vessel of wisdom and grace; worthy of gratitude and praise for bringing us to life.