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Teakster creates his own Islamic art and other design work.

He regularly updates his site showing and explaining his work that appears on his site. Doing what he thinks is most amusing.

Teakster is the voice from the dark recess of my mind.

As a young child, I was always interested in art. However due to my parents, I was discouraged from using art. As it was viewed as a waste of time and no good could ever come from it.

I wouldn’t even dare to bring paints home. This is because if I spilt anything, I would have been chased around the garden by my father while holding a pitchfork. Normally followed by curses and foul language!!!!!

I tried to put away my creativity side in the back of my mind but over the years my hunger for being creativity grew stronger. Yet, I had no place to focus it on.

I tried using the creative industry as place to utilise my skills. However I found the creative industry is strangely one of the uncreative areas to work within. This is because the clients are dull and the awkward people to work with.

Therefore my work is a form of escapism, being able to be creative without any boundaries.

I'm not here to make quick cash or to be famous.

If you like it – great!!!
If not – then…ermmm…. have a nice life!

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