Laura Meseguer
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MULTI™, a versatile sans serif typeface family

Multi is my first extensive typeface family. It was originally commissioned by the publisher of Dutch regional newspapers in 2011, with the aim to match the serif typefaces (Lexicon by Bram de Does and Tiempos by Kris Sowersby) used for a comprehensive layout overhaul project supervised by editorial art director Luis Mendo. The keywords provided by the client were unequivocal: warm, dynamic, optimistic, friendly, human…

Two series were designed, Multi Text (two weights, roman & italic) and Multi Headline (six weights, roman).

Since the completion of this first version, I have considerably expanded the character set and the family, and implemented a few modifications: Multi Text now comprises three weights (roman & italic) and Multi Headline was renamed Multi Display (seven weights, roman & italic).