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Sample of my calligraphy works -نماذج من اعمالی الخطیه - خوشنوسی کاکه یی -

c 2-7-07 Hob w assalam.jpg - Love and Peace -Diwani scripts 2007 حب والسلام /خط دیوانی kakayi kakayi

The artist Kakayi from Iraqi Kurdistan lives since 1988 in Belgium. He is not only master calligrapher, but also a passionate and versatile artist. He paints, photographs and make calligraphy works. The last time is dedicated to etching graphic art and combines in his graphic work both calligraphy, painting and photography. The work of Kakayi is full of surprises. There is always something new to discover. An unbridled creativity drives him on. He experimented with everything he encounters. He has to paint what ;hear; or should; and constantly diverts its own borders. He builds a bridge between the ancient Mesopotamian art from his homeland and contemporary art and techniques. Trui Gysseling 7-8-08 The New Vaart Gallery- Ghent

Kakayi is a Kurdish artist with a fairly dramatic personal story. He fled together with the family village, which yesterday by Sadam with chemical weapons wer as delivered. We know through the images on television, that there are more than 5000 fatalities were regrettable… many of them relatives and friends. The family has Kakayi particularly well with our integrated - but let even on their neatly language - so that we today on the artistic gain of Kakayi period.

The discipline with which Kakayi with us attract the most attention, of course mastery in the Calligraphy. While in the Eastern cultures the calligraphy is more of a tradition, it is quite unknown to us and so little practiced Friday. The calligraphy is with us as what the art of beautiful writing… Kakayi succeeds however to this "beatiful writing" to enrich to a medium with the potential of an individual and spiritual expression. Kakayi, this expression than with such aesthetic and artistic value-added, so this discipline is lifted to the artistic level of the most valuable Western drawing.

Eye for the still having traumatic history of this artist, the content of the work for me absurd. He brings still predominantly a message of love, peace, childish sentiments, tolerance and trust… a message that we translated "feel" through the iconography used. For most of us, beyond the Persian script is the limit of readability, but the rhythmic movement of the artists hand translates however, the emotion of the writer. The clarity and beauty of this work is here defined by the decorative quality of the characters and the subtle placement of characters.

The paintings of Kakayi we find easy connection. From abstract view, these canvases as labyrinten decided that arise within the mind. Men feel the search for values, mysticism, for authenticity… its subtly colored the perception of a spiritual agenda. This work is honest and authentic touch. The contents feels like coming from the intimacy of a good fellow.

Fons Schipper, Art Manager Volvo. April 18, 2007

a HAKa_54881.jpg - Painter ,calligrapher and Graphicus kakayi from iraqi kurdistan (foto by Hisam kakay ) کاکایی/خطاط وتشکیلی متخصص فی فن الگرافیک kakayi kakayi

b 16-03-03a f.b- van havteghem fire-peace (1).jpg - Peace by fire in diwani scripts -kakayi 2003 السلام/الکتابه بشعله من نار/خط دیوانی kakayi kakayi

d 12-5-09 al hob yefham-diwani.JPG - الحب یفهم کل اللغات=خط دیوانی "love unerstand all Languages " kakayi kakayi

h j 9.jpg - "smile is uneversal "-Diwani scripts الابتسامه لغه عالمیه لا تحتاج الی ترجمان/ خط دیوانی kakayi kakayi

j k 5.jpg - Tugra scripts -a fragemant from Qouran خط التوقیع-طغرائی/ استعیذ بالله ..انا فتحنا لک فتحا مبینا...صدق الله العظیم kakayi kakayi

. 27-1-03 sh.tabrizi (2).jpg - poem (shams tabrizi)-shikasta scripts ایخدا این وصل هجران مکن سرخوشان مست را تالان مکن/ شمس تبریزی kakayi kakayi

k 25-1-03 hafiz (2).jpg - Gazal by Hafiz shirazi-shikasta scripts غزل از حافظ شیرازی/ ای پادشاه خوبان داد از غم تنهائی kakayi kakayi

l 1999 ode door hafiz sherazi.jpg - Ode by hafiz shirazi -shikasta scripts غزل از خواجه حافظ شیرازی kakayi kakayi

m 20-10-99 perzische klassiek liefdes gedicht.jpg - Farsi love poem in shikasta stayl اشعار فارسیه بخط شکسته فارسی kakayi kakayi

o kakayi14bgms4a.jpg - Gazal by Hafiz Shirazi- ta"liq stayl غزل .حافظ شیرازی/ بخط شکسته kakayi kakayi

p 20-10-01 (in van allah,de barm hartige,de genadevol.jpg - "in the name of God "-shikasta scripts بسم الله الرحمان الرحیم- بخط شکسته kakayi kakayi

q 5-11-04ashq.jpg - poem by suhrab suhperi-shikasta scripts سهراب سهپر "عشق را باید زیر باران جست" kakayi kakayi

s 03-10-01 liefdes gedichten(hafiz shirazi).jpg - love poem by Hafiz Shirazi- farsi غزل /حافظ شیرازی الا یا ایها الساقی ادر کاسا وناولها کعشق اسان نمود اول ولی افتاد مشکلها kakayi kakayi

t 26-1-03 rodaki.jpg - gazal -Rudaki - shikasta scripts یاد یار مهربان اید همی /شعر رودکی..شکسته kakayi kakayi

u 24-1-03 s.shirazi.jpg - gazal by sadi shirazi- shikasta scripts فتنه در افاق نیست جز خم ابروی دوست ولوله در شهر نیست شکن زلف یار/ سعدی شیرازی/شکسته kakayi kakayi

v 28-1-03 s.sh g.jpg - gazal by sadi shirazi-shikasta scripts نه مجنونم که دل بردارم از دوست/سعدی شیرازی/شکسته kakayi kakayi

w 29-1-03 o.khayyam.jpg - poem by Omar khayyam-shikasta scripts ای کاش که جای ارمیدن بودی/عمر الخیام/ شکسته kakayi kakayi

x 31-1-03 mewlana.jpg - Poem by Mewlana-shikasta stayl سینه خواهم شزحه شرحه از فراق....../ مولانا الرومی / شکسته kakayi kakayi

xb 1-2-03 s.shirazi.jpg - poem by sadi shirazi- shikasta scripts تو گر محنت دیگران بی غمی شاید که نامت نهند ادمی/ سعدی شیرازی /شکسته kakayi kakayi

y 30-1-03hafiz2.jpg - gazal by Hafiz shirazi- shikasta scripts مژده ایدل که مسیحا نفسی میاید......../ حافظ شیرازی/ خط شکسته kakayi kakayi

xa 133 25-10-01 fragment uit koran.jpg - fragment from holy quran-nastaliq scripts ان الله بصیز بالعباد/ من القران الکریم/ خط فازسی kakayi kakayi

x 27-10-01 twee fragmenten uit koran.jpg - Fragment from Qoran -farsi scripts من القران الکریم/خط فارسی kakayi kakayi

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