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Muiz is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer whose work incorporates various technical media and aesthetics; typography, calligraphy, photography, illustration, fashion and product design to name a few.

Having interned at two of the largest and most reputed typographic houses in the world, Dalton Maag and FontShop International, where he was developing his own typefaces [currently still in development], he is now pushing the limits of legibile aesthetics in both Latin and Arabic to catalyse the evolution of one of the world's most beautiful languages - by drafting a contemporary new aesthetic structured on the fundamental, technical principles outlined and established by centuries of traditional craftsmen.

"Graphic design was crucially introduced to me as a form of visual communication. Having witnessed the global miscommunication and reinforcement of stereotypes of a faith, culture and community I am a part of, I found my role as a ‘visual communicator’ all the more relevant and significant. I have a role and responsibility to help initiate change and promote the voice of rationale to all parties involved..."

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