Arabic Calligraphy Workshop 7.0

4 Feb 2012
10 Mar 2012

‫Following the success of the previous workshops, we are aiming to delve further into the possible re-integration of Arabic Calligraphy in our cultural identity. We are pleased to announce yet another workshop for amateurs and anyone interested in Arabic

poster - Hussein Alazaat

The workshop will be in two courses

1. Comprehensive Course:

‫An Abbreviated course, focusing on studying and practicing the existing and extinct types and styles of Arabic calligraphy. The course is made of 6 sessions; each one is 2 hours long on Saturdays. The participants have the option to choose from the following time slots
‫a. Morning session from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM‬
‫b. Evening session from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM‬
‫Fees: JD 75. All the tools, inks and specialized pens are included

2. Thuluth Course:

An intensive course, made in 6 sessions; each one is 2 hours long on Saturdays, focusing only on the Thuluth style in the following time
a. Evening session from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM‬
Fees: JD 75. All the tools, inks and specialized pens are included


‫›Every participant will be provided with all the necessary tools and equipments; Paper, Calligraphy ink, Calligraphy pens (Reeds), Special writing notepads & detailed booklet for each session.‬

‫› Participants will receive a certificate upon the completion of the workshop.‬

‫› A chance to create an individual calligraphic artwork will be given to the participants‬

‫› There are limited places, please make sure to book early. Reservation to be carried out through email or by phone. Please make sure of the most suitable time slot for you prior to booking.‬

‫› Arabic is the main language used in the workshop.‬

‫› All the classes will be held at the Wild Jordan Cafe, Jabal Amman. – Visit ‬www.wildjordancafe.com/

Subscription and payment at:

Wild Jordan Cafe, Jabal Amman. – Visit www.wildjordancafe.com/
(Daily except friday from 12pm to 6pm)

- For booking and inquiry please call:
Mr. Saleh Nasab , mobile: +962 79 5434 511 | email: salehnasab@gmail.com

- Links about the previous workshops: