Book: Iman Raad



"Covering all manifestations of printed graphics, this generously illustrated volume presents the posters, books, magazines, typography, packaging, and ephemera that represent today’s visual culture. Over 30 countries are represented and more than 1,500 images reveal the trends of today’s contemporary graphic design as it has evolved. The work of each of the 100 designers is spread over four pages and accompanied by a critical essay written by the relevant curator."—Phaidon

5 years after the publication of Phadon’s Area, the new Area_2 picks up where the first volume left off. A panel of 10 curators, presents an eclectic representation of emerging graphic design talent from around the world in the past 5 years.

Iman Raad is one of the graphic designers who presented in Area_2.


"... Iman Raad's work, as the artist comes from such traditional crafts as calligraphy, pottry, weaving, architecture, talismans, religious flags, and posters. He cites a desire by contemporary Iranian designers to create a Persian aesthetic by connecting the ancient world with today-a feat made easier by the amicable coexistence of the traditional and the modern, and the ready acceptance of this hybrid culture by Iranian youths. Furthermore, his decorative "style" is driven by his admiration for functional art, especially the tradition of making tools and ordinary objects more beautiful...""--Saki Mafundikwa (designer, educator, and the founder of ZIVA, Zimbabwe's first graphic design and new media college.)