Book: cyrus highsmith

Inside Paragraphs

Typographic Fundamentals

A book about what goes on inside a paragraph of printed text.

InsideParagraphs_book - cyrus highsmith

Inside Paragraphs is about what goes on inside a paragraph of printed text. The goal is to help students train their eyes to see text as typographers do. It begins with general explanations of how type works and how we read. Then the author steps through the different kinds of space within a paragraph. Finally, it puts everything together with a discussion about paragraph settings.

Typography began with paragraphs of printed text. Since then, it has evolved in all sorts of directions, sometimes leaving ink and paper behind entirely. But the printed paragraph is still a good starting point. Understanding what goes on inside provides a solid foundation on which to build.

And that’s what this book is meant to be – a foundation. Inside Paragraphs is the book Highsmith always wanted when he was a student in his first typography course.

Inside Paragraphs is a must read for all designers and typographers, beginners as well as those interested in how typography works and why it matters! For only $15, you can order this little treasure of a wisely and beautifully designed book at