Zepha (France), is a real cosmopolitan artist. His work is the result of the crossbreeding of several cultures. It was in 1989 that Vincent Abadie Hafez started to impose his and his crew’s names: Zepha. And he has not stopped since. He appropriates public space and disrupts visual habits: a graphic utopian fight undertaken against a system guided by savage man-eating liberalism and advertising. Arabic calligraphy strongly influences his work through his training by the Moroccan calligrapher, Abdelatif Mustad and the discovery of the work of the Sudanese calligrapher, Ahmed Abdel Aal. With the Kufic and the lively Diwani styles, he has rediscovered the workings of composition, balance of letters and movement appropriated by graffiti. What is Latin or Arabic gets distorted, diverted, connected, mixed, accumulated, leading to a form of dreamlike and labyrinthine writing.

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