The Typographic Landscapes of the Arab World

Research on Aesthetic Trends and Legibility

24 Aug 2007
  • 15:40

Tarek Atrissi’s will present a research on aesthetic trends and design conventions in the Arab world, through the analysis of selected current practices in Arabic type design, corporate identities, and contemporary graphic design.

Book Cover.jpg - Book Cover. Edited, designed and compiled by Huda Smitshujzen AbiFarès and Tarek Atrissi. Published by UNESCO. September 2007.

The perception of the Arab visual culture, within the Arab world itself (and its varied sub-cultural differences), and in the western world, will be discussed in relation to the challenges faced by designers nowadays. Some case studies will be used to show the typographic landscape across the Arab world though presenting various design projects such as the book entitled "Visual Narratives from Arabia" and compiled by Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès and Tarek Atrissi, as well as the latest projects developed in 2007 by Tarek Atrissi Design, which hold significant cross cultural challenges.