Book: Dr Geoffrey Roper

From manuscript to printed book in the Islamic world

Catalogue of an exhibition organized by Eleazar Birnbaum, Virginia Aksan, Michael McCaffrey, Noha Sadek.

Toronto : Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, 1989. [ii, 33] pp. 8 illustrations (facsimiles).

From MS to printed book.JPG -

The exhibits comprise 16 manuscripts and associated items (including bindings, marbled papers and a pen-case); 5 printed books illustrating "the milieu and permission to print"; 8 books and 1 map from the 18th-century press of İbrahim Müteferrika, the first Muslim typographer; 10 books from the 19th-century Būlāq Press in Egypt; and some 40 other items illustrating the spread and development of both typography and lithography in the Arabic script. Each is given an informative mini-essay with details of type-styles, ornamentation, etc. and the historical background.