Book: Dr Geoffrey Roper

Abdallah Zakher, philosophe, théologien et fondateur de l'imprimerie arabe en Orient: son époque, sa vie, ses œuvres.

KAHALE, Joseph Elie.

Paris. 2000. 146 pp.
عبد الله زاخر: مبتكر المطبعة العربية
جوزيف إلياس كحّالة
مركز الإنماء الحضاري. حلب. ٢٠٠٢ .١٤٤ص

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Biography of the first Arabic typographer in the Arab world (1684-1748). He was responsible for the output of the Patriarchal press in Aleppo, 1706-11, and later in 1734 established the first Arabic press in Lebanon, in the monastery at Shuwayr, where much of his material and equipment is still preserved. Published in separate French & Arabic versions. The latter has good reproductions of Zākhir's handwriting, which can be compared with his typographic letter-forms, and photographs of his type-casting equipment and book press.