Atelier D'Art Séquentiel

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Graphic Novels workshop led by Barrack Rima

21 Jan 2012
31 Jan 2013

Application Deadline: 14 Januray 2013.

Immerse yourself in the collection of the Arab Image Foundation, draw and write based on photos from the AIF collection, create graphic narratives, and print in silk-screened your book.

To apply and for further information please write to info@fai.org.lb

AIF-workshop1 -

Application instructions

To qualify candidates need to a PDF file containing the following:
1. Name and contact address of the cadidate
2. a CV (resumé)
3. Three examples of graphic work
4. Ten series of photos from the website of the Arab Image Foundation (www.fai.org.lb)

Each series must contain between 2-4 photos and has to have a logical sequence.
The series must be clearly identified.

The applications must be sent by email before the 9th of January 2013 to: info@fai.org.lb

information below in French on the image of the call for entries