Sikka Art Fair 2013

An artist-led fair of commissioned work in the heart of Dubai

14 Mar 2013
24 Mar 2013

Homegrown, offbeat, intimate, mellifluous, non-exclusive and open to all.

Sikka2013 -

Sikka 2013 will feature an entirely commissioned program of visual art projects and is growing further afield to support fresh creations by musicians, performers, and filmmakers, as well as multidisciplinary collectives engaged in community practices and participation.

Special events will include outdoor film, live music and entertainment, cultural walks, artist-led talks, workshops and educational activities, plus an open-studio exhibition from the Artists-in-Residence (AiR) Dubai.

SIKKA offers a unique moment in Dubai's cultural calendar, introducing an alternative element to Art Week's flow of artistic thought and endeavor.

For updates: http://www.sikka.ae/