Signs of Conflict Website (online archive)

Signs of Conflict is a research project by Zeina Maasri

This website wraps up the different outputs of Zeina Maasri's long-time research project since 2003 on Lebanon's civil war posters. The project involved collecting, archiving and studying the political posters that were produced by the various warring factions, political parties and movements during Lebanon's civil war.

The resulting website is a comprehensive online resource, including an annotated archive, related exhibitions, and publications. Through its different open publishing features, the website is also intended as a platform for discussion and debate on related issues: design, visual culture and politics; media and resistance; war and memory …etc. that could derive from this poster archive and from contemporary visual production in the Arab world.

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Furthermore, through its interdisciplinary lens on the poster as a historical document, cultural artifact and as the result of a creative endeavor, the project contributes to the intersection of knowledge in the areas of history, politics, culture and graphic design. By doing so, the project is committed to the development of an understanding of graphic design as a cultural practice engaged in the circulation of meanings that shape our modern social and political imaginaries.

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This blog is an open publishing platform dedicated to issues that address the intersection of politics with the areas of visual culture, design and media in the Arab world.

You can share your thoughts by posting a short text and/or image(s). 

Images may be posters drawn from this archive, or found images and graphics (still or moving) of a political nature, or images of your own work related to the subject.

Text contributions can vary from reflective short essays, to informal observations, reviews, commentaries, to information about a project you are currently working on and related inquiries.

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