by Pink Tank and Fikra

ADAM is a tool to map the systems of collaboration between designers in the Arab world. It investigates the design networks, identifying all types of collaboration and the varying degrees of connectivity between designers.

Pink Tank is a strategy consultancy based in Dubai. Created in 2008, the company provides advisory services and project management expertise to clients based in the region and abroad. Combining management and research experience Pink Tank‘s team has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the region and internationally. Pink Tank‘s projects include the Celebration of Entrepreneurship for Abraaj Capital, the Al Manakh with Rem Koolhaas and platforms like the International Design Forum, the Arab Strategy Forum and the Young Arab Leaders Annual Forum. Daniel Camara and Mitra Khoubrou are the founding partners of Pink Tank.

Founded by Salem Al-Qassimi in 2006, Fikra is an interdisciplinary design studio based in the UAE. With works in culture, art, and architecture, the studio‘s philosophy is deeply rooted in investigating new pathways for problem-solving through design exploration and education. Fikra works across a variety of media—time-based and print—including book design, data-visualizations, environmental graphics, bilingual typography—Arabic and English, identity creation, interactive design, and motion graphics. Fikra‘s team also comprises designers based in New York, allowing the company to work on projects outside of the UAE.

Fikra and Pink Tank are partners in the UAE and have co-developed several initiatives

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