Musiksehen Schwarzweiss / الموسيقى البصرية ابيض و اسود

The music, history and context of Egyptian films from the thirties to the seventies

3 Jul 2013
3 Jul 2013

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Musiksehen Schwarzweiss / الموسيقى البصرية ابيض و اسود - Caram Kapp

For more than 70 years, Egyptian cinema was the center of universe for the wide Arab populace. Generations of Arabs grew up watching the dazzling spectacles that rivaled Hollywood. The dreams, excitement and high emotions that defined the transitional phase in history of the Arab World were vividly captured in hundreds of hugely popular entertainments that propelled critics and industrials to dub the Egyptian film industry, Hollywood of the East.

Joseph Fahim explores the rich and melodic history of Egyptian musical. Setting them against the current events of the time and offering insight into a different, more liberal society, into what collective memory dubs the 'belle epoque" of Egypt.

Anna Antonakis investigates representations, classes and gender issues in Egyptian films and musicals in a changing society.

Thomas Friese / DJ Tasmo presents audiovisual reimaginings of classical Arabic film songs through current remix technologies.

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