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Lizard’s First Law of Inertia Color Original – قانون السحلية للقصور الذاتي

This piece is a color original based on the black and white piece ‘Lizard’s First Law of Inertia‘, using a passage from Emily Ballou‘s poem ‘The World According to Lizard’.

The poem is written exactly once from head to tail in the body of the lizard. While the part in the lizard’s front claw reads ‘Lizard’s first Law of Intertia’, the text in the circle (and just above it) read: ‘(Passage from) The World According to Lizard’. The poem was translated into Arabic by Mazen Maarouf and Lauren Pyott. The original English and the Arabic translation can be seen below:

Lizardʼs First Law of Inertia

Lizard saw that rocks wanted to be at rest on the Earth
and that smoke wanted to be at rest in the sky
and the stars wanted to remain where they had been flung.
He thought that a body was in its natural state when it was still,
and for his body to move in a straight line at a constant speed
no force but his own was needed to maintain the velocity.
Though wind helped occasionally with acceleration.
And the sun.

[From the world according to Lizard]

قانون السحلية للقصور الذاتي

السحلية ترى الصخور تريد أن تستريح في مكانها على الكوكب،
الدخان يريد الإستراحة حيث هو في السماء،
النجوم تريد البقاء حيث قُذِفتْ قديما.
السحلية تظن أن الأجسام الهامدة، تكون بلغت حالتها الطبيعية، وأنها، السحلية، لكي تستطيع المشي في خط مستقيم وبسرعة ثابتة، لا يلزمها أي قوى خارجية. مع ذلك، الريح، بين الفينة والأخرى، كانت تتدخل لتزيد من تسارعها.
الشمسُ أيضا.