Connecting calligraphy and dance through animation at the Nour Festival, London.

5 Oct 2013
31 Oct 2013

Hurriyah is an animation installation by Soraya Syed, an exciting new production in collaboration with Yeast Culture, musician Nitin Sawhney and dancer Salah El Brogy. Exploring the visual and literal power of words and the emotive term Freedom, Hurriyah is written in an emblematic form and personified, standing tall as if she is a boat set out to sea with the wind in her sails, unraveling backwards til she ends as she began – a dot. A selection of Soraya's tools and artwork will also be on display (www.artofthepen.com). Share your thoughts #HurriyahResponse

FinalHurriyah_A5Landscape_Sml - http://www.rbkc.gov.uk/subsites/nour/events/exhibitions/hurriyah.aspx Soraya Syed