13_Lazga_photo.jpg - Cal Walsh

A group of women are seated in a colorful majlis. The scent of bukhoor (Arabic incense) is spreading in the room. Rumour is also spreading about a “sticker” that has entered the scene, and everyone is talking about it/her.
Indeed the word lazga has two meanings in the UAE Arabic dialect.UAE. It is used for the word 'sticker' but it is also a nickname given to someone who 'sticks' around all the time even though he/she is not welcomed. So, from this double meaning, one could think that the women are talking about the 'sticker object' or the 'sticker person'.
The forms of the female figures is a reminder of cushions in a majlis. The chosen bold colors are derived from the Emirati thowb (traditional dress). The sticker is meant to be used in places where people gather to gossip, catch up on news or simply relax.

The translation of the Arabic text is as follows:
“Didn’t you hear about the sticker?”
“What sticker?”
“THE one and only STICKER”

Colors: Black, Grass Green, Yellow, Blue and Red. Approx. size: 100x100cm