It's all square

5th annual exhibition on illustration

21 Apr 2014
12 May 2014
  • The Jam Jar
  • Unit E46, Al Serkal Avenue, P.O.Box 27554 Dubai

Curated by The Domino, a Dubai-based artist-run entity that works to showcase and support the local scene, the yearly exhibition continues to build on the foundations of a creative community that has emerged in recent years.


As the art scene in Dubai picks up speed this year, The Domino brings its annual exhibition on illustration into its 5th year. Featuring the work of over 15 illustrators based in the UAE, the exhibition showcases the growing pool of homegrown talent in the country with an emphasis on the skills and talents of a scene of illustration that has shown consistent development here.

Artwork from illustrators working in varied mediums including painting, drawing and digital work reveals a scene that is not only steadily growing but consistently improving in quality and setting higher standards for what a locally nurtured scene coming out of the Middle East has to offer not just locally but globally.

Coming from backgrounds ranging from newspaper illustration to comic books, billboards, design, cartoons, murals, live art and tattooing, the body of work is also an indication of how the world of illustration has changed and expanded in the last decade and how, with technology, the field has opened up to a world of possibilities. Through accompanying sketchbook sessions and workshops the exhibition also aims to bring out the dialogue surrounding the careers and work of illustrators. Through such initiatives The Domino works to promote locally based talent and create platforms, exposure and collaboration and generally support the building of a creative community rooted in and relevant to the UAE's multicultural society.

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