Nada Debs Gallery

Launched in 2003 in Saifi Village Beirut, the NADA DEBS Gallery is a landmark for the contemporary expression of traditional Eastern craftsmanship.

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Home to both the signature ‘East and East’ collection and the ‘Contemporary’ furniture collections--a blend of the distinctive Eastern design philosophy with the designer’s Western influences--the Gallery is a must-visit destination for seasoned aficionados of quality and unique furniture pieces. Also available in the Gallery, are new and limited edition pieces inspired by evolving tastes of the modern-Arab and the designer’s interpretations of observed global and regional trends in furniture design. Launched intermittently these pieces showcase the diversity of designer Nada Debs’ inspirations, making them true collectors’ items.

Contact information

  • Nada Debs Gallery
  • Gallery: Saifi Village Bldg E-332
  • Beirut Central District
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