The Missing Link : Practising the Collective Approach

NUQAT Kuwait Conference 2014

13 Nov 2014
19 Nov 2014


24 Lectures | 11 Workshops | exhibition and cultural entertainment

Nuqat’s latest conference takes on the tough stuff: working as a group.

Collaboration is something the Middle East has been known for historically, making it a prominent arena for cultural exchange and shared knowledge. However, is the collective approach something we can still say is characteristic of the region? And if not, how can we put it back in practice? Nuqat has selected the forerunners in a number of cultural fields to share their work and collaborative experiences.

EvtImg13 - Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

Nuqat will offer a series of talks and workshops in a range of exciting and challenging subjects - including creative education, screenwriting, art curating, film-making, product design, psychology, publishing and musical improvisation. Participants in “THE MISSING LINK : PRACTICING THE COLLECTIVE APPROACH” are invited to embrace the opportunity to learn new skills, develop pre-existing ideas, and most importantly - work with others.

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For lectures program: Thu. 13 – Sat. 15, please click here.
Conference fees: $90

For workshops program: Sun. 16 – Wed 19, please click here.
Workshop fees (per workshop): $390