Design Days Dubai 2015

16 Mar 2015
20 Mar 2015
  • The Venue
  • Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai

Stunning installations and world design premieres - all created exclusively for Design Days Dubai 2015.

InText_610x232 - In “The Oru Series,” a collection of geometric furniture and decorative objects, pieces take inspiration from origami forms. The name “Oru” originates from the Japanese words “to fold”, and the idea behind the designs is to show that folding a flat, two-dimensional sheet can create aesthetically appealing functional three-dimensional forms. Aljoud Lootah

For list of galleries: http://www.designdaysdubai.ae/exhibitors/galleries-2015/
For overview of their public program: http://www.designdaysdubai.ae/programme/public-programme-2015

Selection of special projects

Baraboux : Letters to Wear

International leather goods and accessories brand Baraboux, has joined forces with the Khatt Foundation to announce an open call for artists and typographers specialising in Arabic type, to take part in the Baraboux Letters to Wear design competition. The chosen designer plus other notable entries will be exhibited at Design Days Dubai.
Artists and type designers of all accomplishments have been given the unique opportunity to design a set of Arabic letters that will be crafted into bag charms for one auspicious winner through a paid product design commission, and judged by a consummate line-up of well-known Arabic typography specialists including calligraffitist wunderkind eL Seed, jewellery designer and artist Nadine Kanso and designer Rana Salam, as well as Reema Bandar Al Saud and the director of Khatt, Huda Smitshuijzen Abi Fares.

Panel discussion and announcement of the winners: Preserving and Nurturing New Developments in Arabic Typography

Nada Debs 10 Years

Nada Debs celebrates 10 remarkable years as a Middle East based international brand that has evolved by reviving regional craftsmanship, through the interplay of heritage and contemporary innovation. Nada Debs has been showcased through various galleries at Design Days Dubai for the past 3 years. She continues to dynamically support and encourage the initiative of exhibiting unique design and talent. This year at Design Days Dubai, Nada Debs will exhibit a synopsis of her 10 years worth of work by presenting the brand’s iconic pieces and her evolution as a contemporary craft designer.
The selected pieces narrate the growth of the brand’s identity/character since its inception. The combination of craftsmanship and contemporary design is key to create a unique and modern Arab identity for Nada Debs. The interest in the craft comes from the growing belief that craft plays a dynamic role in our region’s social, economic, and cultural life. Craft practice adds a human element to each of the products, which promotes the “hand-made” -and celebrates the notion of human engagement in the making process.

For list of special projects: http://www.designdaysdubai.ae/exhibitors/special-projects-2015/


Tickets for Design Days Dubai can be purchased onsite during the fair.
One-Day Pass: 50 AED
Children under the age of 18 years old are admitted free of charge. University students can also enter free upon show of student ID.
Please contact info@designdaysdubai.ae if you wish to register your university or college's interest in visiting the fair.
Guided tours are available upon request, please contact guest@designdaysdubai.ae for further information.

Opening Hours

March 16 Ladies’ Preview 1-4pm
March 16 - 19 Public Days 4-10pm
March 20 Public Day 1-7pm