10 x 10 grid

1 Mar 2015

GRID, Grafisch Museum Groningen, the Netherlands is a museum for graphic art, design and typography. GRID will literally put itself on the map by making a worldwide grid of printworks that measure 10 x 10 cm – in real life and virtual, for an exhibition and a website. With this we’ll build a community that is connected through their love for art and design.
Artists, designers, drawers, illustrators, calligraphers and typograhers join us and make a GRID!

without title - Linoleum cut with lead type and gouache Paulina de Nijs

If you want to participate in the project ’10 x 10 grid’ this is what we’d like
• your printwork is 10 x 10 cm (not larger, not smaller)
• your printwork is made on paper or cardboard that has a maximum size of 20 x 20 cm
• your entry should be printed; all printing techniques are allowed
• art, design, typography
• the theme should be your own, direct environment of 10 x 10 m; naturalistic, abstract, in type or whatever you choose
• you send us your work in an envelope with a cardboard back or other protection
• Your printwork will become part of GRID’s collection; we’ll use it for the special website and for a large exhibition in 2016. We’ll always mention your personal information and website with your printwork.

We’d like to receive the following information:
• first and last name
• place and country where you live
• year of birth
• place and country where you were born
• profession
• education
• website
• title of your printwork
• technique in which you’ve made the printwork
• if relevant, some background information about your printwork

There’s no strict deadline. The project is ongoing