TMM3 Marrakech-Rabat Workshop : 14-19 Sep 2015

A brief report

The workshop in Marrakech was a very good launch for the design research project !

TMM3_KhattFoundation&Guests_GroupPhoto - 14 September 2015: After the intense 1st day symposium and launch of the first workshop, the TMM3 team plus guest speakers, poses for a group photo on the inner court of the ESAVM school of Film and Visual Communication in Marrakech. Jan de Bruin

1) The designers got to know each other and to get started with their design research and initial ideas.

2) We started with an intense one-day symposium with invited guest that spoke about the history of both the Tifinagh and the Maghribi Arabic scripts. The designers themselves each presented their and explained their typographic work and their motivation to take part in this project.

This day was well attended by students and some members of local design/art community. I think it was most beneficial for the Masters and design students of ESAM (and also for the design professors Brahim and Salah, as well as for the rest of the TMM3 design team).

3) We had productive site visits to Rabat, one to the National library where we were able to have a look as some rare Arabic manuscripts. We also had a warm welcoming at to the center for Tifinagh studies (Institut Royal de la Culture Amazighe (IRCAM) where we could discuss and learn more about the developments of Tifinagh fonts and educational material.

4) We had a few days of working in the studio and the end of which new design concept were established by each of the three design teams, and where we had two guests speak and guide our work on the Tifinagh script.

We would like to thank all our speakers, guests, hosts and the participating students for making our week in Marrakech (and Rabat) such a pleasurable and productive experience.