JAMM Art Gallery

Exhibition of contemporary calligraphy by Iranian artist Salar Ahmadian

12 Nov 2015
12 Dec 2015

Opening: 7:30 pm | Free Entry

JAMM will host a solo exhibition in Kuwait in conjunction with Nuqat’s conference on ‘The Copy/Paste Syndrome’ in November 2015. The exhibition will include 14 large-scale works by Iranian artist Salar Ahmadian.

SalarAhmadian_JAMMExhibit.jpg - Salar Ahmadian

All works fall under the category of contemporary calligraphy, a subject matter that has been misused and misrepresented by some Western art practitioners and by some artists in the Middle East. JAMM will produce a catalogue of the works, which will include an essay on the topic of contemporary calligraphy.

About JAMM:

Founded in 2009 by art journalist and former Phillips de Pury Middle East Director Lulu Al-Sabah.

The mission of JAMM is to create cultural projects without geographical boundary, from large-scale exhibitions to small-scale events and activities, which advance Arab and Iranian artists in the West and Western artists in the East, thus furthering collaboration between the two.

Drawing on its relationships, JAMM seeks to bring active collectors and emerging artistic talent closer together. With its distinctive global footprint, JAMM unites cultures, trends, collectors and private individuals who are shaping the contemporary art market today.