Graphic Design Festival Breda 2015

25 Sep 2015
25 Oct 2015

Meet contemporary creatives that allow you to see the world from a different perspective.
A month of public interventions, exhibitions, talks, tours and workshops in the historic city centre of Breda (NL).

Open from Wednesday to Sunday (11am-6pm).

GDFB2015 -

185 good reasons to come:

— 8 expos
— 4 films
— 3 happenings
— 2 interventions
— 1 masterclass
— 12 side-events
— 8 talks
— 3 tours
— 116 Designers
— 28 Locations

Some suggested typography events include:

A typographical bike ride with Type Tourist David Quay

Stadsgalerij, Oude Vest 34, 27.9-15/25.10-15, Start: 15.00
September 27, October 4, October 11, October 18
Ticket: €7,50 (bike included)
Join type designer David Quay on his weekly type discovery of Breda. Shop signs, house numbers, graffiti ... nothing escapes his attention. He can tell you a story about every letter and typographical detail.
Shop signs, house numbers, graffiti, adverts and billboards give a city character and each tell their own story about what goes on behand the walls on which they are shown. Type Tourist David Quay shows you the beauty and functionality of letters. Each week, he takes GDFB-visitors on a tour past some sublime examples of striking amateurism, indisputable professionalism, or typo purists hell.
Ride a long! Make sure you can ride a long by buying a ticket. The use of a bike is included, a little cycling experience is required. When it rains we just step up the pace.


Where digital and analogue meet: The Declaration of Deconstructed Typography
Brandpunt, Reigerstraat 16, 25.9-15/25.10-15

Novo Typo’s Bixa, a digital multi-colored font designed for the Web, leaves the computer and transforms into an analogue wooden typeface. Every letter consists of four colors and therefore of four printings.
Entire design process
The Typewood exhibition shows the entire process: from typedesign, to the production of the wooden type with a hypermodern CNC milling technique, to the testing and printing of the typespecimen on an antique letterpress. This project defines modern techniques and re-invents old techniques.
Typewood is a project by Amsterdam-based (typo)graphic designers Novo Typo

Visit the official website for details on program of events and venues by clicking here