Reinventing the table / stool

Exhibition by Iyad Naja, part of Dubai Design Week

28 Oct 2015
31 Oct 2015

Inspired by the diversity of the Dubai design scene, o’ de rose decided that East should meet West in reinventing this mainstream piece of furniture. Calling on two artists, Sacha Walchoff and Iyad Naja, whose only common points are their passion for beautiful designs. Those artists will showcase at o’de rose their exclusive Table/Stool designs in new and innovative material on October 29th and will talk to guests about their designs.

Store Open | 24 - 30 October | 10am - 8pm

Iyad-Naja-Tables-01 - Iyad Aboul-Naja

For the exhibition, beirut-based creative iyad naja brings a series of stools that interweave traditional motifs with modern material technologies. naja uses mediums like concrete and metal, typically deemed as architectural and weighty elements, to uncharacteristically convey a harmonious and organic quality. for the first set of stools, a composition of overlapping arabic calligraphy is sculpted into sinuous rings and and interwoven into rounded concrete bases. three metallic variations — gold, black and rosegold — illustrate an abstracted and graphic interpretation of calligraphic forms, with spaces carved out from the metal sheet. these apertures pierce the skin of each stool, revealing multiple layers and characters, while allowing light to subtly pass through.

For more details on the work and exhibit, visit the site of Design Boom by clicking here.

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28 October | 5pm - 9pm
o' de rose store, 999 Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 2

Store Open | 24 - 30 October | 10am - 8pm

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