Rabih Shibli

Ghata Project

The Ghata (‘cover’ or ‘shelter’) Project is a proactive architecture initiative to provide multifunctional structure for refugees. The guiding principles of the Ghata are based on (a) simplicity and portability, (b) adaptability and scalability, (c) climatic responsiveness, (d) economic efficiency and endurance of the design that is aimed to ensure decent shelter conditions for Syrian refugees facing a protracted stay on Lebanon’s grounds. In partnership with local NGOs, the Ghata project was implemented as “Ghata: Bringing Education to Refugees in Informal Tented Settlements”. To date, 8 Ghata schools have been assembled in Beqaa, the district hosting the largest number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Each school is built to cater for an average of 700 refugee students (age groups 4 to 14) on a double shift-basis. Structures are laid out in a U form maintaining an outdoors activities area.

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