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D&F x Slow Factory

From Slow Factory’s latest collection called We Are Home, focused on the escalating refugee crisis in the Middle East. A limited edition silk scarf designed by merging high-resolution digital prints of scientific images from NASA with the highest quality, centuries-old artisanal textile finishing in Como, Italy. A portion of proceeds will go to ANERA, an internationally-recognized NGO working in the Middle East since 1968.

D&F x 200 Grs

A collection of handmade product designs conceptualizing Transitions as a theme and the difficulties one encounters along the way. Fitting into a larger discourse of thought that has been present in both creators’ work, 200Grs. showcases functional, sober, candid, and sometimes bold architectural items all the while dealing with concepts of materiality, elasticity, tensions, and balance. The objects are appropriated by their users in various ways, opening the door to multiple interpretations through their reinvented use.

D&F x Amelia Black

A collection of tabletop ceramics that have been glazed with materials sourced through Amelia’s social media network – asking friends to send bits of earth from around the world that have then been analyzed to formulate functional glaze recipes. The visual variations between the objects and their setting in a single place is a psychical manifestation of how our networks have migrated on a global scale.

D&F x Choux à la Crème – Paper Emergency Kit

15 x 18 cm natural cotton canvas pouch, silk-screened by hand. Containing all your essential paper & communication survival tools! Includes cards, envelopes, stickers and paper notes for all occasions. The language of stationery is universally understood; and with this kit you’ll never be at a loss for words.

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