Nomadic Traces: Typograhic Journeys

Exhibition on multilingual multiscript typography and design

Join us for the launch of the exhibition in Marrakech.
Opening/vernissage: 16 Decembre starting at 18.00 hr
A design exhibition curated by Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès, Khatt Foundation, Amsterdam.
Programming: Maha El Madi & Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès
Exhibition design: Richard Niessen
Advisor: Heidi Brunnschweiler, Susanna Biedermann Foundation

Tracés_Nomades - Nomadic Traces: Typographic Journeys exhibition at Dar Bellarj, Marrakech, 16.12.2016—16.09.2017. Tracés Nomades: Voyages à travers les écritures, Dar Bellarj , Marrakech, 16.12.2016—16.09.2017. Esther de Vries & Richard Niessen

The exhibition Nomadic Traces is a reflection on the important role that typography and writings have played across generations, defining the cultural identity of past and present civilizations. The migrational and transformative nature of writing, its ability to freely cross borders and to mix with other writing systems, testifies to the interconnectivity of people.

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The Khatt Foundation and Dar Bellarj propose performances, concerts, debates, meetings for young and old, novices or initiates, local and international, that will punctuate the season and offer poetic and playful moments representative of Moroccan and international culture in all their diversity.

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Contact us if you are interested and/or can help bring this exhibition to your city of residence in 2017—2018