Their choice not my choice

The International Mother Language Day 2017

On the occasion of the International Mother Language Day 2017 Rearte Gallery celebrate the date with Afro-Asian Information house, the Arabic Austrian house of arts and culture, Intercultural Development center would like to invite you to the inauguration of the Exhibition

Their choice not my choice

Belgin Akın, Junko Baba, Sabine El Daly- Kupferschmidt, Jasna Herger, Anneke Hodel-Onstein, Michèle Karbassioun, Ali Kianmehr, Shorena Kvizhinadze Abd A. Masoud, Mitra Rostami Osanloo, Jo Sickinger, Gustavo Juarez, Christine Stigma, Editha Taferner, Helga Vranjes

The participating artist are from Afghanistan, France, England, Georgia, Guatemala, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Croatia, Nederland, Turkey and Austria

Opening address Dr. Maria-Beate Eder
President of the Afro-Asian Information house

Musical accompaniment:
Zobair Bakhtyari, Munir Faizi, Iordanis Foutsitzoglou, Sohail Karimi, Burag Tuzkaya