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Amman Design Week 2017

6 Oct 2017
14 Oct 2017

Amman Design Week 2017 celebrates the creative power that is generated when people mobilize, collaborate, communicate, and exchange knowledge, skills, and inspirations.

The main exhibition will be held at The Hangar/Ras El Ain Gallery in downtown Amman, and will be curated by Ahmad Humeid, founder and CEO of SYNTAX. The Hangar Exhibition will present selected works by a new generation of regional and local designers.

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Amman Design Week 2017 offers an array of programs that keep the discourse alive around design, crafts, and making, with an aim to build further connections and elaborate learning programs focused on local and conscious design. This year we launch the first comprehensive program specific to students, as well as introduce cross-country engagement and mobile experiences.

Amman Design Week is an annual connecting point – one that illustrates the creative power that is generated when designers and innovators come together. The 2017 theme of "movement" raises the collective voice, and is at the core of what Amman Design Week stands for – collaboration, exchange, and the creation of momentum for the transfer of ideas, expressions and stories.

Beginning with the main hub in downtown Amman and extending outwards to different creative spaces around the city, Amman Design Week showcases works by over 100 local and regional designers, encompassing a holistic experience in design and immersion in cultural and educational programming.

Click here to check the official website for registration, further information and details.

or download the PDF overview of the program.