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xanadu* is an art collective dedicated to helping artists, musicians and writers express, exhibit and produce their work. They are currently based in Beirut, Lebanon, with a small extension in New York city.

Xanadu-_Khatt-Postcard.jpg - Xanadu, a beautiful place . Postcard for the Khatt Fonts exhibition using the BigVesta Arabic font.

What began as an idea between two Lebanese dreamers on a subway train in Brooklyn in 2001, blossomed into a global art collective they named ' xanadu*, a beautiful place '. Their mission was to encourage Arab artists to express themselves and exhibit their work, in what was one of the most difficult times in history for an Arab to be living in New York City.

xanadu*, now based in Beirut, is dedicated to supporting underrepresented artists to produce and exhibit their work in the realms of art exhibitions, publications, poetry and music performances.

We stand firm to our belief that rt can make positive changes in the world around us and hope to inspire artists from around the world to take personal initiatives in order to make this world a truly beautiful place.

If you would like to know more about our events and art exhibits. you can visit our website, or contact us by email at: info[at]xanaduart[dot]com

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