Wim Crouwel Institute

for graphic and typographic design heritage

The Wim Crouwel Institute maintains an inventory of important designers' archives and raises funds for the benefit of archive management, archive accessibility and research. Not only the perservation and management of archives is encouraged, but also the research, exhibitions, presentations and seminars.

The archives that used to be managed by the Nederlands Archief Grafisch Ontwerpers/NAGO   (Netherlands Archive of Graphic Designers/NAGO) have been transferred to the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam. The inventory of these archives can be temporily accesed through this website.


The following persons take a seat on the Board of the foundation Wim Crouwel Institute: 

Rob Huisman, chairman

Marike van Roon, secretary

Peter Schutte, treasurer

Nikki Gonnissen, boardmember

Marieke de Haan, boardmember

Paul van Mameren, boardmember

Paul Mijksenaar, boardmember

The Wim Crouwel Instituut is supported by Bijzondere Collecties and BNO-Pictoright.

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