Comics in Indonesia (1929-2017)

Equatorial Imagination

22 Nov 2017
21 Jan 2018

Curators Hikmat Darmawan & Michel Wittock

Equatorial Imagination transports us through a chronological history of  “cergam” or Indonesian comic strips as a visual representation of a strongly insular equatorial imagination characterised by diverse cultural expressions, natural landscapes and dynamic human and cultural exchange.

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It is divided into 4 periods: 

• 1929 - 1953 The pioneering phase 

1954 - 1963 The early days of comic strip production 

1964 – 1980s The Golden Age of comic strip

1990s - 2017 Self-publishing and the digital era 

Join us on a journey to discover an art that wants to be the expression of a people united in diversity. Aboard the “EUROPALIA ship”, we navigate across the seas of Java, Banda, Celebes and the Moluccas, accompanied by a crowd of actors and artists.


Jakarta As We Know It - Imageries of Postcolonial Batavia

In this project, comic book artists Sheila Rooswitha (ID) en Peter Van Dongen (NL) confront images of the past and present of the Indonesian capital through their gorgeous drawings. 


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Tuesday - Sunday 
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Last admission at 17:00

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