Prihatmoko Moki

The Soldiers without a King

26 Oct 2017
16 Dec 2017

Curator Hikmat Darmawan

Silkscreen, comic strip, drawing, painting and music: there are many strings to Prihatmoko Moki’s bow. Muntpunt gives this young artist carte blanche to create a fresco on its immense glazed façade.

MOKI.png -

The fresco depicts disillusioned, sick and hungry soldiers. Their king, who has long since ceased caring about their fate, is conspicuous by his absence. Moki uses this historical scene to indirectly but scathingly criticise the mismanagement of his native city, Yogyakarta, characterised by depleted water supplies, lack of public space, saturated public transport and increasing egotism among citizens. The political class, more interested in money than anything else, has abandoned the city and its inhabitants to their fate. 

Prihatmoko Moki (°1982, Yogyakarta) graduated in printing from ISI Yogyakarta. In 2012, together with Australian artist Malcolm Smith he founded Krack!, a printmaking studio and gallery in Yogyakarta. He was artist in residence at Megalo Print Studio in Canberra in 2015, and has participated in national and international group exhibitions in, amongst others, Australia and Italy.