Pascal Zoghbi

Kufi Workshops

The Kufi is the one of the oldest Arabic Calligraphic styles and at the same time it is geometric and easy to teach to students and non-Arab people. This is why I was doing Kufi Workshops since I started teaching at NDU [Notre Dame University], AUB [American University of Beirut] and LAU [Lebanese American University]. I have done workshops for my students at LAU, NDU and AUB; besides giving workshops in exhibitions and conferences like the workshop for Dutch participants that i did during the EL HEMA exhibition at Mediamatic in Amsterdam.

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To have a look on the Kufi Workshops that I have done the last educational year, please browse through the followings links:

3D Kufi workshop at Lebanese American University

Kufi Workshop for non-Arab participants in Amsterdam

Vernacular Kufi Workshop at American University of Beirut

Kufi Workshop at Notre Dame University