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Kufi Workshops

The Kufi is the one of the oldest Arabic Calligraphic styles and at the same time it is geometric and easy to teach to students and non-Arab people. This is why I was doing Kufi Workshops since I started teaching at NDU [Notre Dame University], AUB [American University of Beirut] and LAU [Lebanese American University]. I have done workshops for my students at LAU, NDU and AUB; besides giving workshops in exhibitions and conferences like the workshop for Dutch participants that i did during the EL HEMA exhibition at Mediamatic in Amsterdam.

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To have a look on the Kufi Workshops that I have done the last educational year, please browse through the followings links:

3D Kufi workshop at Lebanese American University

Kufi Workshop for non-Arab participants in Amsterdam

Vernacular Kufi Workshop at American University of Beirut

Kufi Workshop at Notre Dame University