Mouneer Al Shaarani: Calligraphic Rhythms

Syrian artist, calligrapher and font designer in Berlin

21 Mar 2018
3 Jun 2018
This first solo exhibition in Germany, the artist's comprehensive range of calligraphic works explore questions of humanity, creativity and self-determination.

Al-Shaarani_Berlin2018 -

Mouneer Al Shaarani places the ancient Arabic traditions of calligraphy in a contemporary context. His calligraphic works spring from textual sources of ancient and modern poetry from philosophy, prose but also Sufi teachings, sacred books and traditional proverbs.

The work is based on different calligraphic styles such as Diwani, Kufi, Thuluth, Riq'ah and Persian. Al Shaarani's  specific lettering and compositions have given Arabic calligraphy a new dimension. The movements and repetitions in his calligraphic compositions are rhythmic. Form and meaning form a harmonious unity.

As early as 2015 works by Al Shaarani could be seen in BOX Freiraum in the exhibition:
My voice rings out for Syria

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