Farsi Letters Melody

Workshop at The ‘07 Plus International Design Festival, Birmingham, UK,From 17-21 October 2007.& Intuit-lab in Paris.

At first I will explain about Iran culture and Farsi writing that consists of rules and types of scripts. Then it will provide an introduction with introducing of some kind of successful Iranian calligraphies.
Farsi script consists of single alphabet letters that are clinging together. But in Latin script, the single letters are settled beside together, and the difference between these two scripts arises from this specialty. In fact, we will work with these single letters in workshop .The Iranian script and calligraphy have harmony with Iranian melodies and we know that every letter, based on its form, have a special melody. With broadcasting of Iranian traditional music in workshop space, there will be a special space in the time of work and this space will be different for each people. Each one of students will chose his single letter that he likes from the single letters that are provided before that, on the basis of the sense that he has received from the music. then at start of work, and the time student be familiar with Farsi script, we will give him the calligraphy pen and he will use from this single letter and with setting it in a suitable frame, he will reach a new composition of typography. The aim will be creating a new work with specialties of graphic art. Meanwhile if the class catches on higher levels, and students can connect with the subject, we will try composing single Farsi letters with single France or Latin letters, and carrying student to get mind case aim. Students are free in their performing, and with repeating single letter, they may receive to a formalistic work or may create a realistic imagination in their mind, and each one of them, designs his own imagination with his single letter.

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