Arabic Lettering 2018

A Khatt Foundation Workshop

16 Nov 2018

The workshop will consist of a 1-day workshop during Dubai Design Week 2018.

The workshop will involve hands-on drawing and experimentation with various styles and writing techniques. It will introduce the participants to the expressive possibilities of lettering using the Arabic script. The focus will be on creating a word and exploring certain letterforms, a manner of sketching for a potential later extended typeface design project or logotype.

For registration:


Khatt_Lettering_Wrkshp2018.jpg -

The workshop ends with an informal small exhibition of the lettering resultswithin the space

Instruction will include for the advanced level the following:
- Historical presentation on Arabic calligraphic and vernacular styles.
- Arabic graphic visual language.
- Arabic lettering techniques.
- Arabic lettering adaptations

Workshop requirements:
Participants should have a basic knowledge of the Arabic alphabet.
Participants will be provided with ink, pens, pencils and paper to draw on.


Capacity: 19 Students

Fees: AED 490.00

Please note that fees are non-refundable.