Biennial Exhibition

Fikra Graphic Design Biennial 01

Ministry of Graphic Design

9 Nov 2018
30 Nov 2018

The inaugural Fikra Graphic Design Biennial 01: Ministry of Graphic Design’ - proposes graphic design as an integral part to our contemporary civic life, forming nearly every medium, message, and communication we encounter today. The fictional “Ministry of Graphic Design” starts with an expanded view of the field, considering professional, cultural, and conceptual perspectives.

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Moving away from existing disciplinary definitions and medium-specific approaches, the Biennial examines how today’s graphic designers play a crucial role in tasks as diverse as entrepreneurial development, content generation, meaning-making, strategic thinking, form-giving, project distribution, life-cycle planning, and policy creation.The Biennial's core argument is that since its origins, graphic design has combined the roles of both artistic and facilitator, and that this very hybridity comprises its contemporary value. The exhibition presents graphic design in familiar and unfamiliar formats, and the Biennial experiments with the discipline’s public role.

Ministry of Graphic Design is organized into several Departments, each representing a distinctive curatorial focus and format. These Departments include the Department of Graphic Optimism, Department of Dematerializing Language, Department of Non-Binaries, Department of Flying Saucers, and Department of Mapping Margins. Presenting objects, ideas, performances, installations, and more, the exhibition’s curatorial departments embrace a polyphonic and geographically-diverse approach to historical and contemporary practice.

Each Department shall explore and challenge graphic design’s key current topics, and will manifest itself through physical and virtual exhibitions, workshops, public programs, conference and more. The approach of investigation will be global as well as regional.

Through these means, the fictional ‘Ministry’ focuses on accomplishing 3 (three) goals:
—cataloguing and exhibiting graphic design work for extended study of regional and international contexts’
—commissioning current-day practitioners to workshop real-world problems and approach
—cultivating speculative design that project future problems and solution for the field

Neither comprehensive, conclusive, nor prescriptive, “Ministry of Graphic Design” creates a starting point for continued dialogue, research, and understanding within the field.


Fikra is a design-led educational platform that comprises Fikra Campus—a co-working space, a café, a gallery, and a library—Fikra Design Studio, and Fikra Graphic Design Biennial

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