Alireza Vaziri

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Remove everything unnecessary. Resist the onslaught of secondary ideas that come with your primary one. Don’t adulterate. The most effective way of refining your work is to keep it short and simple. “I didn’t really do anything,” explained Michelangelo when asked how he created David. “The statue already existed in the block of stone. All I did was remove everything unnecessary.” Rumi advises us not to talk too much, to use the fewest words possible. Consider this idea when telling your stories, when designing your ideas, when selecting images, when living life.

My name is ALIREZA VAZIRI. I’m a Creative Art Director, Graphic Designer. Design allows me to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary. There are no boundaries and I can create everything with nothing. Some of my artworks have earned top honors from Cow international design festival (Ukraine), Shanghai Biennial of Asia Graphic Design(China), PDP Visual communication competition (Serbia), Graphic Stories Bienal (Cyprus), Russia Design Association, Silver Cypress International graphic design exhibition(Iran) and etc. I have a huge passion & enthusiasm for inventing though-provoking ideas and the focus to lead projects from start to finish. I’m always open to talk, collaborations, new ideas, suggestions, etc.

I have learned to think big but still care about the small details.

Contact information

  • Alireza Vaziri
  • No 21, Abouzar 14th St, Khajeh Abdulah, Shariati St.
  • Tehran
  • IR