Alireza Vaziri Rahimi

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Designing is a way of changing the world to be a better place for human beings. A better world might have a different definition for different walks of lives: maybe a beautiful modern bridge or a UI for a pioneer application, each can make one’s world a better place to live in.

My professional experience as a creative art director equipped me with collaborative skills and creative methods for ideation. It has opened up my eyes to the power of simplicity which can be achieved by eliminating the unnecessary. One of my greatest passions in life is to seek ideas and opportunities that broaden the horizon of my vision and thoughts while I welcome challenging the obstacles and absolutely confront the inner voices telling me “just mind yourself.” As per the legendary Persian poet, Rumi said: “I came to you without ‘me,’ so come to me without ‘you’.”

As a designer, I am learning every day to think big but still care about the small details!

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