James Pass

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An award-winning brand consultant with over 20 years of strategic brand experience, James is a pragmatist, steered by ideologies but driven by solutions. Entrepreneur at heart, James started Jpd in 2013 with an aim to become an integrated creative resource to clients. Ever since then, Jpd has been successful in building seamless connections between strategy and creativity. Under James’ guidance, the team has been able to demonstrate conceptual thinking and craftsmanship, successfully.

Gifted with genuine talent, seldom seen in the industry, James’ foundation in brand communications comes from internationally-renowned agencies such as Landor Associates and Fitch. Over the course of his career, James has worked with clients from Telia Company in Northern Europe and Eurasia to regional based brands like IPIC, Masdar, Kansai Paint, Jumeirah Group, Rotana Hospitality and Elm, Al Nahdi Medical Company in Saudi Arabia and the list goes on.

James vision, even today, is to consistently transform brand communication into a process that is both efficient and effective. His strategic work and thought leadership have been valued across key media titles and at mentorship outreach events.

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