Jordan Script Routes: Connecting Archeology to Contemporary Design

Talk & Panel Discussion at Amman Design Week 2019

6 Oct 2019

Bilingual: Arabic & English
Free Entry

Dr. Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès (Khatt Foundation), moderator
Dr. Omar Al-Ghul (Yarmouk University)
Dr. Ali Al-Manaseer (Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities)
Hussein Alazaat (EL HARF House)

Jordan Script Routes: Talk -

The Middle East has been a cradle of several civilizations (religions, languages, and traditions), and a site of crossing trade routes that transcended modern national borders and identities. Not only goods, but also knowledge has over the centuries crossed the permeable borders along the caravan routes, as people spoke and wrote in several languages, borrowed from each other, and adapted ideas and skills to their respective needs. The story of written scripts in the Middle East testifies to this cultural wealth, diversity and fluidity.

The panel discussion will reflects on the important role that scripts have played in defining and preserving the cultural identity of past and present civilizations. It will discuss the relationship between ancient heritage and contemporary design; how the fields of archeology and paleography can enrich contemporary design and inspire a more culturally rooted design research.


This event is sponsored by the Dutch Embassy
Commissioned by Amman Design Week
In collaboration with the Khatt Foundation