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3 Dec 2020
7 Dec 2020

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With change happening so fast in the past years, the lines between yesterday, today and tomorrow feel blurry. Such a pace puts us in a space where we are living the future as we make it. This poses the question or rather questions of how it is affecting our way of thinking, our ideas that shape our behaviors. And once those new behaviors are embraced on a communal scale and become repetitive, they eventually re-shape our traditions. All of that will redefine our culture. But how can we control it or benefit from it? How can we shape it? What can we learn from existing traditions and heritage? What is the role of each one of us in it? What is really needed to re-cultivate our culture to create the future we want now?

During the five days of this year's MISK Art Week, we shall explore those notions of re-cultivating our culture as we live it. Through talks, panels, workshops, exhibitions and performances, you will join the conversation with speakers and experts from Saudi and around the globe to establish a common understanding or at least inspire each other in the different ways we can explore our renewed selves.