Music, Books, Art and Literature from the Middle-East

1 Sep 2021
4 Sep 2021

The Dutch Syrian cultural organization Pages Bookstore Café presents: the first edition of REORIENT festival, an annual event in Amsterdam. Four days long, music, books, art and literature from the Middle-East are highlighted at Nieuw Dakota.

Khatt Books is presenting its books in the book fair section of this 1st edition of REORIENT


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Pages REORIENT 2021 -

Amsterdam is known for its cultural and linguistic diversity. Through time it has offered a new home to people from different nationalities and different cultures. The community of people from the Middle East is steadily growing. However, manifestations of Middle Eastern culture still remain invisible to a larger Dutch audience. It is the aim of the REORIENT festival to unveil this hidden treasure and build a bridge between Middle Eastern and Dutch culture.